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The Original Pink Gin infused with Bitters

The tradition of blending gin and bitters was first established by members of the Royal Navy to cure seasickness, and Pink Gin started life as a seafarers breakfast, drunk to rally a man against the wiles of the ocean. The Bitter Truth Pink Gin is a delicious blend of traditionally crafted gin and a blend of bitters. This minx is not just a common gin with a fake tan; it’s a sophisticated metrosexual in a salmon jumper.

It begins with a Mediterranean bouquet on the nose, with aromatic juniper, fresh lemons, and warm spices. Wonderfully gentle in the mouth, juniper berries are still at the helm, but these notes are supported by a crew of fresh spice flavors like licorice, caraway, and fennel, which cruise to a smooth whirlpool finish.

The Bitter Truth Pink Gin was created to please the taste of modern gin drinkers with a soft and gentle mouthfeel and fine complex flavors. It is best used on its own, as a Gin & Tonic, in your favorite Martini Cocktail or in any other gin-based cocktail.

Product Information: 40% Alcohol by Volume

Die Tradition des Blendens von Gin und Bitters wurde einst von Mitgliedern der königlichen englischen Marine begründet und diente zur Linderung der Seekrankheit. The Bitter Truth Pink Gin ist eine delikate Vermählung von traditionell hergestelltem Gin und einer ausgesuchten Komposition von aromatischen Bitters.

Die auf moderne Geschmäcker abgestimmte Rezeptur bietet komplexe Ginaromen und ein weiches Mundgefühl mit zarten Nuancen von Kräutern und Gewürzen. Dieser Gin entfaltet seine Qualitäten am besten pur, in einem Gin & Tonic oder im klassischem Martini Cocktail.

Produktinformation: 750ml, 700ml, 40% Vol.

它绝 非经过人工调色的一般金酒,更像是

规格:700ml 酒精含量:40%。

La ginebra rosa comenzó su vida como desayuno de viajantes marinos, bebida para enfrentarlos contra las trampas del océano, pero ahora The Bitter Truth le ha dado un cambio de apariencia moderna. Empieza con un bouquet mediterráneo en la nariz, con enebro, limones y cálidas especias. Maravillosamente tranquilo en la boca, el enebro todavía está al timón pero es apoyado por una tripulación de frescos sabores especiados como el regaliz, alcaravea e hinojo. Esta marta, no es una ginebra cualquiera con una corteza falsa; es una sofisticada metro-sexual en un jumper color salmón.

La tradición de mezclar ginebra y bitter fue establecida primero por los miembros de la Armada Real para curar la enfermedad del mar. La Ginebra Rosa de The Bitter Truth es una mezcla deliciosa de ginebra artesanal y bitters aromáticos. Está diseñada para complacer gustos modernos con una suave percepción en el paladar y complejos sabores exquisitos. Es mejor si se disfruta sola, como Gin & Tonic o en su coctel Martini favorito.

Información del producto: 750ml, 700ml, 40% alcohol por volumen

Nutrition Facts

coloring yes
preservatives no
gluten no
allergens (EU-Guideline 2007/68EG) no
GMO (EG Nr. 834/2007) no
vegan/BSE/TSE no material of animal origin used

Pink Gin Cocktail on brass plate

The Bitter Truth #15

„I think you have to pay for love with bitter tears..“

Tasting Notes

Complex fruity and floral aromas dominate the nose of this flavored gin. The taste is smooth with distinctive flavors of juniper berries in the foreground surrounded by spicy flavors of licorice, caraway, and fennel.

As a bartender, I love having ingredients that are ready for me to use. This is why I love The Bitter Truth. With different bitters to choose from and two flower water, I am spoilt for choice. Each different bitters tie in well with any cocktails I’m creating, no matter if it’s savory or sweet.

Susie Wong – Bartender, Manchester/UK

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Pink Gin Cocktail on brass plate with thistle

Pink Gin Cocktail

60 ml (2 oz) The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
25 ml (3/4 oz) non sparkling Water

Stir all ingredients with ice & strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

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Rock Glass Illustration orange


25 ml (3/4 oz) Tiki Lovers White Rum
25 ml (3/4 oz) The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
10 ml (1/3 oz) Brandy or Cognac
25 ml (3/4 oz) fresh Lemon Juice
40 ml (1 1/3 oz) fresh Orange Juice
10 ml (1/3 oz) Orgeat Syrup
10 ml (1/3 oz) Demerara Syrup

Shake with ice and pour unstrained into a double old-fashioned glass or wide brandy snifter. Garnish as desired.

Highball Glass Illustration pink

Garden & Tonic

(by Naren Young & Wayne Collins in 2009)

50 ml (1 2/3 oz) The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
2-3 dashes The Bitter Truth Celery Bitters
3 dashes The Bitter Truth Elderflower Liqueur
4-5 Mint Leaves
1 Slice of Cucumber
1 Lime Wedge
Tonic Water

Put all ingredients into a highball glass with ice and fill up with tonic water. Stir gently and garnish with lime, mint & cucumber slice.

Coupette Glass illustration pink

Claridge Cocktail

30 ml (1 oz) The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
30 ml (1 oz) Dry Vermouth
15 ml (1/2 oz) The Bitter Truth Apricot Liqueur
15 ml (1/2 oz) Orange Liqueur

Stir ingredients with ice in a mixing glass and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Highball Glass Illustration lime

Gin Julep

60 ml (2 oz) The Bitter Truth Pink Gin
25 ml (3/4 oz) fresh Lemon Juice
15 ml (1/2 oz) Sugar Syrup (2:1 Sugar:Water)
30 ml (1 oz) Plain Soda Water
1 Mint Sprig

Muddle mint with gin in a highball glass, add all other ingredients and crushed ice, and stir until the glass catches frost. Garnish with a mint sprig.

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