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Cocktail Bitters

Cocktail Bitters Bar Pack

A Bitters Pack in Sample Size Format

The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Bar Pack comes in a beautifully designed metal tin box with 3D embossed decorations and holds 5 x 20ml brown glass bottles of The Bitter Truth modern bitters flavors.

Enhance your home bars possibilities with 5 all-natural bitters in handy pocket size that will cause no trouble at airports security check as it is TSA approved.

Enjoy mini size: Grapefruit / Peach / Olive / Cucumber / Chocolate

Product Information: Embossed metal tin, 5 x 20ml, 41% Alcohol by Volume

Bitters & Waters

Cocktail Bitters Bar Pack

Das Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Bar Pack wird in einer wunderschön gestalteten Metalldose mit 3D-Prägung geliefert und enthält 5 x 20 ml Flaschen mit den modernen Bitters-Aromen von The Bitter Truth.

Erweitern Sie die Möglichkeiten Ihrer Hausbar mit 5 rein natürlichen Bitters im handlichen Taschenformat, die bei der Sicherheitskontrolle am Flughafen keine Probleme verursachen, da sie für das Handgepäck zugelassen sind.

Bar Pack enthält: Tonic / Peach / Olive / Cucumber / Chocolate

Produktinformation: geprägte Metalldose, 100ml (5 x 20ml), 40,8% Vol.

Bitters & Waters

Cocktail Bitters Bar Pack


产品信息:有浮雕图案的金属盒,100 ml (5 x 20ml),酒精度:40.8%

Bitters & Waters

Cocktail Bitters Bar Pack

El pack de bitters para bar de The Bitter Truth viene en una caja metálica preciosamente diseñada con decoraciones talladas a 3D y que contiene dentro las botellas de cristal marrón con los Bitters de la compañía. Amplía las posibilidades de tu bar con el pack de 5 Bitters (100% naturales) en tamaño de bolsillo que no causará impedimento en el control de seguridad de los aeropuertos pues tiene TSA aprobada.

Información del Producto: Envase metálico grabado a relieve, 100ml (5 x 20ml), 40,8% ABV

Nutrition Facts

coloring yes
preservatives no
gluten no
allergens (EU-Guideline 2007/68EG) yes (mustard seeds)
GMO (EG Nr. 834/2007) no
vegan/BSE/TSE no material of animal origin used
kosher classification pareve
calories 7 kcal by serving size 2,5ml (1/2 tsp)
energy value 1173 kJ/100g
fat (fat-saturated) <0,1% (<0,01%)
carbohydrate (of which sugars) 1,90% (1,90%)
sodium <0,05%
protein 0,2%

The Bitter Truth Bitters Bar Pack on shelf with drink

The Bitter Truth #04

„Broken bitters, broken hearts.“

Between bartenders, it is very fashionable to make their own homemade bitters… it’s very easy to make them, but it’s very difficult to get them good! What’s the point to spoil your guest’s drink when you can buy them good and right? Thank you, Bitter Truth friends. Salute!

Simone Caporale – bartender, London, UK

Tasting Notes

for the pocket size Bar Pack

Grapefruit Bitters

These grapefruit bitters are best friends to gin, vodka, Blanco tequila, and light rum. Give a modern twist to a classic Gin & Tonic, add a few dashes to a Daiquiri or Margarita or add a new layer of complexity to cocktails.

Peach Bitters

The exquisite fruity aromas of fresh peaches and almonds will improve any cocktail or long drink. The distinctive aroma of fresh peaches unites with notes of almonds extracted from the pits. Completed by fresh citrus and unobtrusive spice flavors, these bitters are ideal for all kinds of highballs and cocktails no matter which spirit the drink is based on.

Olive Bitters

With its delicate green olive flavors, soft hints of salt, and notes of mustard, sage, and thyme, you can add Mediterranean aromas to your drinks. This is a perfect match for all white spirits and fortified wines.

Cucumber Bitters

New ways of mixing your favored spirit by adding unadulterated flavors of green cucumber to your drink. Accompanied by a light bitterness and herbal notes of rosemary, thyme, and lingering floral notes of summer blossoms. Light & inviting, these bitters will lift your spirits to new heights like sunshine in spring.

Chocolate Bitters

Tall, dark and yes, somewhat handsome, most definitely rich: with cocoa butter and dark chocolate to entice the nose, hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and bitter tones of gentian and wormwood elicit the palate. They play exceptionally well with sweet vermouths and all kinds of aged spirits.

The Bitter Truth Bitters Bar Pack tin and bottles
Cocktail Bitters Bar Pack with drink and book

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