Sloe Gin

The Bitter Truth Sloe Gin
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»Tally Ho« you’ll cry as you crack open a bottle of »The Bitter Truth – Sloe Gin« and daydream of standing over your foraging basket proudly filled to the brim with this autumnal hoard. Without a fox or a hound in sight you’ll still feel like you made a killing. With a scent like Harris Tweed, plums and almond, and a color thick with deep red and purple tannins, this gin has a warming effect to stave off the worst winter frosts. With a distinctive blue gin dry spice shrouded in a shawl of rich red sloe fruit, this gin strikes the balance between sweet and savory that is perfect for sipping. Brave drinkers will pass this off as their own humble homemade ‘batch’.»The Bitter Truth – Sloe Gin« is a Sloe Gin made from the best ripe sloe berries which are macerated in Blue Gin created by the famous Austrian distiller Hans Reisetbauer. Since it is only flavored with fresh sloe berries, this gin reveals the unique aroma of this wild-growing »little plum«, that is widespread in Southern Germany. »The Bitter Truth – Sloe Gin« is an ingredient in many cocktails and longdrinks, but can also be sipped on its own.

Tasting Notes:
Dry and a just slightly sweet. The very intense sloe/plum aroma that is followed by an unobtrusive almond flavor doesn’t overpower the gin completely. It is still recognizible and completes the fruitiness with spicy flavors.

Product Information:
750ml, 500ml, 28% Alcohol by Volume

The Bitter Truth Sloe Gin wird mit den besten, sonnengereiften Schlehen hergestellt, die in Blue Gin – einem Gin des bekannten Obstbrenners, Hans Reisetbauer, aus Österreich – mazerieren. Da dieser Sloe Gin nur mir frischen Schlehen aromatisiert wurde, enthüllt er das einzigartige Aroma dieser kleinen, wilden Pflaumen, die im südlichen Teil Deutschlands weit verbreitet sind. The Bitter Truth Sloe Gin findet in vielen Cocktails und Longdrinks Verwendung, lässt sich aber auch pur oder auf Eis sehr gut genießen.

Trocken, mit zarter Säure und nur leicht gesüßt. Das intensive Schlehenaroma wird von einer leichten Mandelnote begleitet, die das markante Aroma des Gins nicht komplett überdeckt. Die würzigen Noten des Gins sind noch zu erkennen und runden die fruchtigen Aromen ab. Das intensive Schlehenaroma wird von einer dezenten Mandelnote begleitet. Die feinen Gin-Aromen werden durch fruchtige und würzige Noten abgerundet.

750ml, 500ml, 28% Vol.


»Tally Ho« 打开比特储斯李子味利口酒会让你流泪,幻想着站在食物 篮边,里面满载着你秋季狩猎贮藏的食物。
不需看到狐狸或猎狗, 就能感觉到狩猎的心情。它的香气像哈里 斯花呢、李子和杏仁,颜色是深红和紫丹 宁。
这款金酒可以在冬季寒冷的霜冻天气下 温暖你的身体。独特的蓝金酒香料味被包围
在浓郁的黑刺李中,在甜味与咸味之间取得 巧妙平衡,适合细细啜饮。有些勇敢的饮酒
的美酒 。

规格:750ml, 500ml 酒精含量:28%。


Liberty Bell Cocktail

Liberty Bell Cocktail

45ml (1 1/2 oz) Rye Whiskey

45ml (1 1/2 oz) The Bitter Truth Sloe Gin

45ml (1 1/2 oz) The Bitter Truth Apricot Liqueur

3 dashes The Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas Bitters

Pour the gin into a long drink glass filled with ice & fill up with tonic water.

Sloe Screw

Sloe Screw

40 ml (1 1/4 oz) The Bitter Truth Sloe Gin

100 ml (3 1/2 oz) fresh Orange Juice

Built in long drink glass over ice and stir gently.

Sloe Gin Fizz

Sloe Gin Fizz

50 ml (1 1/4 oz) The Bitter Truth Sloe Gin

20 ml (2/3 oz) fresh Lemon Juice

10 ml (1/3 oz) Sugar Syrup

Soda Water

Shake with ice & strain into a long drink glass filled with ice. Put soda water on top & stir carefully.

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

30 ml (1 oz) The Bitter Truth Sloe Gin

15 ml (1/2 oz) The Bitter Truth E**X**R Bitter Liqueur

15 ml (1/2 oz) Campari

2 dashes The Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters

Orange or Lemon Peel

Stir in glass over ice cubes, stir, strain and finish with lemon or orange zest.