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Peach Bitters

The Bitter Truth Peach Bitters »The Bitter Truth – Peach Bitters« are a contemporary interpretation of a classic style of bitters. Fresh and fruity with intense peach notes. A combination of fresh peach aroma and subtle spicy flavors adds an exquisite fruitiness to cocktails and long drinks. Goes well with clear and aged spirits such as cognac and bourbon whiskey.

Tasting Notes:
Delicate peach notes, balanced with hints of almonds and backed up with spices and balanced bitter nuances. Fruity with a faint almond bitterness from the pits. The natural aroma of fresh peaches dominates while it is completed by fresh citrus and unobtrusive spice flavors.

Product Information:
200 ml, 39% Alcohol by Volume

»The Bitter Truth – Peach Bitters« ist ein fruchtiger Bitter, der Cocktails und Longdrinks mit Pfirsich- und Mandelaromen bereichert

Fruchtige Pfirsich-Aromen, begleitet von dezenter Bitternote und feinen Mandeltönen.

200ml, 39% Vol.

Cocktail Recommendations

Peach Gimlet

50 ml (1 1/2 oz) Gin

20 ml (2/3 oz) Lime Cordial

2 dashes The Bitter Truth – Peach Bitters

Stir ingredients with ice & strain into a cocktail glass.

Peach Old Fashioned

50 ml (1 1/2 oz) Bourbon Whiskey

15 ml (1/3 oz) Sugar Syrup

1 slice of lemon

1 slice of orange

5 dashes The Bitter Truth – Peach Bitters

Pour all ingredients into a tumbler over ice and stir..

Trident Cocktail

30 ml (1 oz) Aquavit

30ml (1 oz) Cynar

30 ml (1 oz) Dry Sherry

2 dashes The Bitter Truth – Peach Bitters

Lemon twist

Stir all ingredients over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Royalist Cocktail

45 ml (1 1/2 oz) Dry Vermouth

20 ml (3/4 oz) George Dickel Whiskey

20 ml (3/4 oz) Benedictine Liqueur

2 dashes The Bitter Truth – Peach Bitters

Stir with ice & strain into a cocktail glass.

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