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Lemon Bitters

The Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters »The Bitter Truth – Lemon Bitters« has a decadent aroma of hot lemon tea with honey. Fresh, fruity and dense with spice, this little blonde has sherbet flavors mingling with coriander seed and a light touch of toasted cardamom. The pithy lemon brings out the charm in light or sharp mixed drinks and slips deliciously into gin or white rum numbers. Try with anything from a cobbler to a kamikaze.

»The Bitter Truth – Lemon Bitters« were the first lemon bitters on the market. They add the liveliness and freshness of lemons to every cocktail. They are primarily suited for drinks that are based on clear spirits like Vodka, Gin and Silver Tequila, but also go well with many other spirits and liqueurs.

Tasting Notes:
Fresh and fruity-tangy with an unbelievably intense citrus note. They are bitter to the taste with flavorful notes of coriander and cardamom in the background.

Product Information:
200ml, 39% Alcohol by Volume

The Bitter Truth Bitters were an immediate success in the German bartender scene. They are authentic and of high quality – they were crafted by bartenders for bartenders. The Bitter Truth Bitters serve the new need for delicate and refined aromas in the revival of the classic cocktail. My favorites are the Lemon Bitters and their Aromatic Bitters. — Helmut Adam,

»The Bitter Truth – Lemon Bitters« werden aus den Schalen sonnengereifter mediterraner Zitronen und einer Mischung von aromatischen Kräutern und Gewürzen gefertigt.
»The Bitter Truth – Lemon Bitters« verleiht klassischen und modernen Drinks Tiefe und Komplexität mit subtiler Fruchtigkeit.

Frisch und fruchtig-würzig mit einer intensiven Limonennote. Er ist bitter im Geschmack mit Anklängen von Koriandersamen und Kardamom.

200ml, 39% Vol.

Cocktail Recommendations

The Cosmopolitan

40 ml (1 1/3 oz) Vodka

20 ml (2/3 oz) Triple Sec

10 ml (1/3 oz) fresh lime juice

2 dashes The Bitter Truth – Lemon Bitters

20 ml (2/3 oz) Cranberry Juice

Shake with ice & strain into a cocktail glass.

Jalisco Fizz

50 ml (1 1/2 oz) Tequila Blanco

20 ml (2/3 oz) fresh Lime Juice

20 ml (2/3 oz) Cream

10 ml (1/3 oz) Agave Syrup

2 dash The Bitter Truth – Lemon Bitters

Egg White Soda Water

Shake long and vigorously with ice & strain into a longdrink glass. Put soda water on top & stir carefully.

Milano Julep

50 ml (1 1/2 oz) Campari

2-3 dashes The Bitter Truth – Lemon Bitters

5 ml (1/6 oz) fresh Lemon Juice Sprig of Mint

Put all ingredients in a tumbler with crushed ice & stir.

Mainhattan Cocktail

50 ml (1 1/2 oz) Applejack

20 ml (2/3 oz) Sweet Red Vermouth

2 dashes The Bitter Truth – Lemon Bitters

Stir in mixing glass with ice & strain into a cocktail glass.

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