• The Bitter Truth Travelers Set 3 Platinum Awards

“Fantastic retro design and execution. An instant classic and a must buy impulse stocking stuffer item. If you hold it and read it, you`ll buy it”

Excellent news just came in from Chicago where the International Packaging Competition was held late in 2014 and results were just announced. Drum roll…Platinum Medal in Creativity Category, Platinum Medal  in Grafic Design Category, Platinum Medal in Form Category and overall Best Gift Box Award for our top selling Bitters Traveler`s Set!

The idea for the Bitter Truth`s Bitters Travelers Set was born when we were flying around more often and had limited choice when we wanted to have a decent drink during our travels. As airlines provide 50ml bottles of a number of main spirits, various filler and ice, airline security is still strict and our regular 200ml simply wouldn`t do.  Count 1 and 1 together and the idea was born. Since then the concept has been copied by many (thanks for the compliments).

A solid embossed metal tin with great artwork reflecting the various transportation options holding 5 x 20ml of Aromatic Bitters, Orange Bitters, Jerry Thomas Bitters, Creole Bitters and of course our Original Celery Bitters. Plenty of options to spice up your drinks when traveling!

So no matter if you fancy an Old Fashioned, a Bloody Mary, a Brandy Cocktail, a Dry Martini or a just a Horses Neck, with The Bitter Truth Bitters Travelers Set you`ll have what it takes. Go get one!