The traditional Airmail Cocktail, is similar to the French 75 Cocktail and is rum based, honey is the sweetener of choice and lime juice replaces lemon juice. Arguably, the Airmail could also be thought of as a sparkling Daiquiri. Here Charlotte layers on the flavors of both fresh muddled pineapple and The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters.

Airmail Cocktail

5 or 6 chunks of fresh pineapple
15 ml (1/2 oz) fresh Lime Juice
15 ml (1/2 oz) 2:1 Honey Syrup
30 ml (1 oz) Flor de Caña Seven Year Rum
2 dashes of The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters
45 ml (1 1/2 oz) Champagne or sparkling wine

Muddle the pineapple in a mixing glass. Add all other ingredients except Champagne. Shake with ice. Double strain into a Champagne flute and gently top off with Champagne. Garnish with a mint leaf.