How To Choose the Right Glassware for Your Cocktail – The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess from Small Screen on Vimeo. There has always been confusion about the right glass picked for the right drink and its time to give simple advice. At Small Screen`s recent video Robert Hess is explaining how to do it right.

NOLA`s Classic Cocktail

Absinthe – 1 bar spoon or less to coat inside of glass
1 tsp. Sugar syrup (1:1)
2 dashes The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters
60 ml (2 oz) Rye Whiskey

Chill glass with a few ice cubes before making the cocktail. Discard ice once glass is properly chilled.
Mist or rinse glass with absinthe in order to thoroughly coat the interior of the glass.
Add simple syrup, bitters and whiskey to glass and stir to combine.
Garnish with lemon twist.