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March, 2014; Munich, Germany

Vision Wine & Spirits, LLC is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Haromex Development, the exclusive worldwide distributor for The Bitter Truth and Berg & Hauck, to become the exclusive US importer for the two brands.

In 2006, with the global resurgence of classic cocktails, German mixologists Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck conceived the idea of producing and selling a range of cocktail bitters. Both of them had already gained a considerable amount of experience in producing handmade cocktail bitters at the bars where they were working. In addition, Stephan owned a large collection of historical bitters, some of which hadn’t been produced for decades. Thus, he knew how the most well known bitters of the world tasted and was considered a specialist in this area.

The result of their collaboration was the birth of The Bitter Truth and Berg & Hauck brands. The Bitter Truth is a line of all-natural potable bitters consisting of Aromatic, Orange, Lemon, Celery, Jerry Thomas, Creole, Chocolate and Grapefruit varieties all sold in 200ml bottles. The line is one of the top-selling bitters brands in the USA. Additionally, there is a travel pack of five 20mls of Aromatic, Creole, Jerry Thomas, Orange and Celery bitters in a tin box with recipe booklet for ; a Pink Gin; and a range of boutique liqueurs for bartenders which include E**X**R, an herbal liqueur with sweet vermouth characteristics, Pimento, Violet, Apricot and Elderflower Liqueurs all in 750ml formats.

The Bitter Truth Bitters are top notch when it comes to quality and consistency; they allow the bartender or at home mixologist the flexibility and versatility that only comes with grade A ingredients,” according to industry cocktail consultant Jonathan Pogash of The Cocktail Guru.

Berg & Hauck is a non-potable line of bitters consisting of Aromatic, Orange, Lemon, Celery, Creole and Jerry Thomas varieties all sold in 4 oz. bottles as well as in a kit of the five best-selling bitters with a cocktail recipe pamphlet in a gift box. Being non-potable allows for more channels of distribution and easier access for the home cocktail enthusiast and professionals alike. Additionally, Berg & Hauck makes an excellent chef’s tool for flavorings in recipes.

We are fully convinced that because of the change to Vision Wine & Spirits, we can, together with Vision’s intimate knowledge of all channels of the market, marketing skills and proven track record, bring the development of The Bitter Truth and Berg & Hauck in the so important USA market to the next level and are looking forward to exciting times ahead,” said Stephan Berg.