Digestion is in Session E**X**R Amaro reviewed

It seems the U.S. consumer slowly get accustomed to the black stuff we highly praise here in Europe, not only for it´s aroma and taste, but also for it`s effect on the body in general.

Over at SLASHFOOD, Joshua M. Bernstein, got the chance to taste The Bitter Truth`s brand new amaro-style liqueur E**X**R.

“But then I took a nip. Initially offputting, the intensely complex herbaceousness soon proved appealing. In minutes the bottle was empty. And my stomach? It soon followed suit, creating extra room for dessert.”

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Cocktail Innovation by Shawn Soole

Shawn Soole, celebrated Canadian bartender invents the The Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Martini

The cocktail:

Muddle 4 slightly roasted cherry tomatoes with basil and salt. Add 2 ounces of your cheese-washed rum and another 1/2 ounce of Lillet Blanc, along with a dash of The Bitter Truth celery bitters. Dry stir, then stir with ice. Then double strain your cocktail, garnish with basil or tomato section and finish with a dash of Glenfiddich.

Find here a fine interview with Shawn.



E**X**R Combines a Bitter with a Digestive Liqueur

Munich, Germany—28th january/2011 – The Bitter Truth, Europe’s leading producer of cocktail bitters and flavorings, has announced the stateside launch of E**X**R, its bitter liqueur. Firmly rooted in the traditions of both classic sweet vermouths and alpine digestive tonics this unique product blurs the lines between amaro and vermouth, offering a complex new flavoring for the mixologist’s arsenal.

“American bartenders are developing drinks that highlight bitter liqueurs more and more,” said Alexander Hauck of The Bitter Truth. “We are thrilled to be introducing E**X**R to the marketplace, which we hope will intrigue and inspire these talented mixologists.”

E**X**R is a bitter liqueur that blurs the lines of conventional wisdom. At once velvety smooth and clean, aromatic and herbaceous, E**X**R embodies the caramel sweetness of port and the bitter flavors of a classic italian amaro. Complex in character, it suggests herbal aromas of mint, myrrh, sage and gentian as well as flavors of rhubarb and lemon.

E**X**R can be enjoyed in a pre-dinner Manhattan or Negroni or neat after a rich meal to aid digestion. This unique product is as delicate as the finest vermouths with an alcohol content that allows it to defy oxidation and the need for refrigeration, making it a versatile addition to the back bar or home bar.

E**X**R bitter liqueur is available in 750ml bottles. The suggested retail price is $ 35

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Celery is the new Grapefruit

In his latest post for FineCooking, Camper English describes Celery as the hottest flavor in bitters since grapefruit. Celery Bitters were defunct for decades and were served as a tonic during the late 19th century and seemed to have improved manliness. So we can thing of some kind of liquid Viagra. Years ago we were attracted by this weird sounding history and flavor profile and decided to revieve this long lost ingredient and reinvented Celery Bitters which meanwhile was named “Best New Product” at the Tales of the Cocktail Sprited Awards 2010 in New Orleans.

We remember attending a workshop, held by Bols in Stuttgart/Germany, with special guests Wayne Collins and Naren Young, which was actually the very first presentation of this new kind of bitters. Wayne & Naren were immediately attracted by this new and unusual flavor and started playing around with it. The outcome was delicous in innovative, pushing the ordinary Gin & Tonic theme to new heigths.

Here is what they came up with:

The Garden & Tonic

1.5 fl.oz. Gin
2-3 dashes The Bitter Truth Celery Bitters
2-3 dashes Elderflower Liqueur or Maraschino Liqueur
4-5 Mint Leaves
1 Slice of Cucumber
1 Lime Wedge
Tonic Water

When using Celery Bitters make sure to go for the Original and get the best Celery Bitters money can procure…

Bitters Featured in DRINKSINT Magazine

Bartenders are obsessing about using bitters. Jaq Bayles of Drinks International Magazine went on a journey to discover the secrets behind the recent bitters boom.

“Gary Regan and The Bitter Truth company are largely credited with having kickstarted the interest in the sector, and many others have followed suit.”

And as Alex Turner points out: ” “Bartenders really want them. Bearing in mind you are only putting in a dash or two, they do change the flavour and colour of a drink. There are a lot more bitters around and bartenders are looking back at the way drinks were made 100 years ago and recreating those drinks with modern ingredients.”

You can find the full issue here-

Celery Bitters in Saveur’s Top 100 of the Year

Just before the holidays, Saveur Magazine published their february issue which holds Saveurs annual Top 100 list of great finds from the world of food. This years list focuses on chefs.

“The result is the most passionate and authoritative Saveur 100 yet, a grab bag of chef-recommended tools, tricks of the trade, must-visit restaurants, beloved books, amazing drinks, guilty-pleasure foods, and much more. It’s a peek inside the kitchens, hearts, and minds of some of the world’s most talented cooks.”

Ken Oringer of CLIO in Boston had nice words to say about The Bitter Truth Celery Bitters: “It makes drinks sing with complex, vegetal depth; in food, too, it brings out the best in other ingredients. When making rhubarb chutney, I poach the rhubarb in honey and add ginger, lime zest, and a few drops of celery bitters. The bitters make you say, “What’s that last element I can’t quite place?”

Well, could 2011 have started any better?


Forget all of those same old after dinner drinks, try something unforgettable this Christmas, The Bitter Truth ELIXIER is a digestif unrivalled, based on recipes from yesteryear but with a definite taste of now.

Since the middle ages herbal liqueurs have been associated with aiding digestion after a large meal. The church was the main source of potions, with some French and Italian herbal liqueurs from this era still around today. It was thought that alcohol was a good carrier for the medicinal benefits of herbs and spices and that drinking a digestive liqueur helped to settle the stomach and even refresh the breath after a meal. Out of this practice several modern forms of alcohol consumption as we know them have evolved, and in the Alpine regions of Europe the digestive bitters were born.  They are usually dark in colour, as their taste comes from herbs and spices being marinated into grain based alcohols.

ELIXIER merges the best from the past and the present to create a new and distinctive digestive liqueur. The roots of the success of this liqueur are in the botanicals used to create the flavour and colour, with ingredients such as mint, rhubarb, gentian, lemon and myrrh adding to the gentle calming quality of this liqueur. It’s also practical for modern day use, with the bitter flavours well balanced against a light sweetness it tastes more approachable than some others of its type.

Simply drink straight over ice and you will find that ELIXIER embodies the caramel sweetness of port and the bitter flavours of a classic Italian Amaro.  Innovation is at the core of the Bitter Truth and ELIXIER is here for those who love the experimentation which comes with new products. How exciting!

Where to buy the Bitters Travel Pack in the U.S.?


Due to some excellent coverage in Food & Wine Mag , The New York Times and several other respected publications we get numerous request in relation of availability of our Bitters Travel Pack in the USA.

At the moment we must say we are a victim of our own success and the supply might be very limited for at least the holiday season. Travel Packs arrived stateside and the best bet would be to check out Park Avenue Liquor and Astor Wine & Spirits in New York City and CASK in San Francisco.

The demand exceeded our expectations by far and we have just another shipment on the boat. We hope to get it into the port shortly as well.

After all we appologize to all who might miss out on the first shipment and wish you all the best for the holidays.

Creole Bitters takes home top prize in Slovakia

Last thursday Slovakias finest of the trade gathered in Bratislava to celebrate the growing Slovakian cocktail community with the celebration of the 4th Slovak Bar Awards. We are pleased to announce that our little red colored liquid CREOLE BITTERS won the award for DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR. Even if the ceremony was the first we attended were we didn`t understood a single word, we were thrilled when the name of the winning product appeared on the screen.

Slovakia has a massivly growing cocktail scene and their key figures such as Erik Lorincz (head bartender at the newly reopened Savoy Hotel London), Marian Beke (formerly Langham Hotel and Montgomery Place London), Stanislav Vadrna (formerly Paparazzi Bar Bratislava and global ambassador of japanese bartending) or Lubos Rasz (Paparazzi Bar Bratislava) play an important role in the international cocktail culture.

We re very happy to recieve this new award which is the perfect addition to our list of awards recieved during 2010.

Creole Bitters nominated at Slovak Bar Awards

Next week we will make a stop in Bratislava to attend this years SLOVAK BAR AWARDS.

As we just learn The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters is nominated as DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR.

The Slovak Bar Awards are the top event of the year for the slovakian bar scene, which had an international impact on the global cocktail scene with personalities such as Stanislav Vadrna, Erik Lorincz and Lubos Racz among others.

Slovak Bar Awards will be held nov 25th, 7pm, Club LOFT, Bratislava

At San Francisco Indy Spirits Expo

Meet the distillers, brand owners, importers and others who make it possible for you to enjoy a great a variety of small batch, unique and artisinal spirits from around the world.

Walk around tasting features vodka, whiskey, rum, bitters, tequila, mezcal, cognac and more.

WHEN:             November 17, 2010 (Wednesday)

WHERE:            Mighty, 119 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

TIME:               7:00 PM – 9:00 PM VIP Entrance at 5:00 PM

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Boutique Barshow Edinburgh

Scotland is always worth a visit! Not only are we real scotch whisky lovers, but when going to Scotland we always adore the lovely countryside and the scotch people in general.

Last week Boutique Barshow called us to Edinburgh, only to suprise us with the most impressing event venue we`ve ever seen. Scotlands churches a hard to maintain, because there are simply to many of them. So what we consider an impossible thing to do here in Bavaria, the scotchman simply rent them for various events to the ones with the deepest pockets.

While showcasing our line of products with our UK importer LOVEDRINKS, we were invited to join forces with local bitters maker Adam Elmigirab for a bitters masterclass in the most beautiful classroom we`ve ever been to. After giving a brief inside in the long history of the bitters category, with it`s roots as a medicinal tonic, we passed through times and Adam began to give a deeper inside in the history of the BOKERS family, once famed producers of Bokers Bitters, which are considered as the pinnacle  in cocktail bitters during 19th century cocktail age.  The brand of Bokers vanished from the shelfs around 1910, after the entire segment of bitters had to suffer from Food and Drug act which passed the U.S. Congress in 1906.

As we learned J.G. Boker came, as his famous namesake Johann Gottlieb Siegert, the creator of todays Angostura Bitters, from Germany, building a huge business in the new world. One can imagine this rich heritage makes us as germans very proud and there are numerous traces of german people buiding the bitters category with great efford.

This time we got the chance to serve some examples of how a few dashes of bitters can turn a cocktail from good to great and with the support of Paul Graham from Bramble we were assured that the cocktails were made with skill and passion.

Edinburgh`s nightlife shouldn`t be missed as well! The city has some great bars, with a good ad influencing cocktail scene. Make sure you make a visit to bars like BRAMBLE of THE BON VIVANT while in town.

And since one needs schould not miss out on good food as well, we highly recommend THE SAINT, which is also run by the people from Bramble.

BRAMBLE: 16A Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JE, UK (+44 1312266343)

THE BON VIVANT: 55 Thistle Street, Edinburgh EH2 1DY, UK (+44 131 225 3275)

THE SAINT: 44 St. Stephen Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH3 5AL, UK (+44 131 225 9009)

Presenting products in Leeds at GERRY`s

We`ll make a stop in Leeds tuesday 12th oct to present our products at UK`s famous spirit retailer Gerry`s.

If you make it to the shop at 1.30pm you will not only have the pleasure to taste all our products, you`ll also get some more details about the brand and some history related facts about bitters.



Gerry’s Wines & Spirits
22 New Briggate
Leeds LS1 6NU

01132 446 200

Meet the Maker at London Cocktail Week

Meet the Maker of The Bitter Truth
13th October 2010 14.00-15.00 Quintessentially Soho at The House of St Barnabas, 1 Greek Street, W1D 4NQ London, UK.
FREE. Register for tickets at
A chance to have an informal chat with the men behind the brand, Stephan Berg & Alexander Hauck who will be discussing their work and vision.