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Digestion is in Session E**X**R Amaro reviewed

It seems the U.S. consumer slowly get accustomed to the black stuff we highly praise here in Europe, not only for it´s aroma and taste, but also for it`s effect on the body in general.

Over at SLASHFOOD, Joshua M. Bernstein, got the chance to taste The Bitter Truth`s brand new amaro-style liqueur E**X**R.

“But then I took a nip. Initially offputting, the intensely complex herbaceousness soon proved appealing. In minutes the bottle was empty. And my stomach? It soon followed suit, creating extra room for dessert.”

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The Bitter Truth Elixier awarded Best in Class at IWSC International Wine and Spirits Challenge

Another great award for The Bitter Truth!

Already voted “Exellent, highly recommended” earlier this year at Paul Pacults Ultimate Spirits Challenge in New York City, we just recieved word that we rocked the bitters category and won the BEST IN CLASS award at this years IWSC International Wine and Spirits Challenge with The Bitter Truth Elixier, known stateside as E**X**R.

Tasting Notes by IWSC Judges:

Very dark with green tinged rim. Complex nose with combination of anise, gentian and wide herbal range. Hints of clove, ginger and liquorice.

Rich and full in the mouth with sweet, syrupy flow. Initially soothing until you register the chilli content which sets up a burning sensation the lifts all the bitter, sweet characters. The chilli burn stays forever !

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The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess brings you E**X**R and Ginger

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