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Queen’s Park Swizzle Cocktail with Robert Hess

The Queen’s Park Swizzle is a rich and flavorful rum based tiki cocktail and was a favorite of tiki legend Trader Vic. The drink was named for the oasis that was the Queen’s Park Hotel, formerly located in Trinidad’s Port of Spain. Robert demonstrates the proper swizzling technique as well as a quick and easy way to crush ice with common household items, should you not have a Lewis Bag on hand.

How to make the Queen`s Park Swizzle


3 oz (90 ml) aged rum

8-10 mint leaves

1/2 oz (15 ml) fresh lime juice

1/2 oz 2:1 (15ml) Demerara sugar syrup

1 dash The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters

Gently muddle mint leaves in a Collins or long drink glass. Add rum, sugar syrup, lime juice and bitters. Fill the glass with crushed ice and swizzle to combine ingredients. Finally top with more crushed ice and serve with straws. Cheers

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Rum Ramsey Cocktail with Robert Hess

The Bon Ton Café is one of New Orleans finest restaurants and famous for one particular drink – The Rum Ramsey Cocktail. The drink is not only famous it`s recipe is secretly guarded by the Bon Ton Cafe and it remains a secret even when Robert Hess attempted to get closer to what is or what is not the original recipe for the Rum Ramsey Cocktail.

How to make the Rum Ramsey Cocktail


1 3/4 oz (60 ml) rum

1/4 oz ( 10 ml) bourbon whiskey

1/4 oz (10 ml) fresh lime juice

1/4 tsp granulated sugar

1 dash The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters

Stir with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

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Fourth Regiment Cocktail with Jamie Boudreau

There aren`t too many classic cocktails calling for celery bitters, but one that is mostly credited is the Forth Regiment Cocktail which was popular in the late 1900, and considered good enough to go into Charles H. Bakers Gentleman Companion in the 1930`s. Celery Bitters are a bit weird, but once applied in the right way to a cocktail it has the power to become the magical ingredient as Jamie said so nicely in this little video.

How to make the Fourth Regiment Cocktail


1 oz (30 ml) rye whiskey

1 oz ( 30 ml) sweet red vermouth

1 dash The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters

1 dash The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters

1 dash The Bitter Truth Celery Bitters

Lemon zest

Stir all ingredients well with ice., Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with Lemon twist.

TIP: add lemon twist to the glass before pouring the cocktail to add the most robust lemon flavor throughout the cocktail.

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Hooker Cocktail with Jamie Boudreau

The Hooker Cocktail isn`t named after “that kind of Hooker”, but after blues guitar legend John Lee Hooker. As you might imagine, the cocktail contains some Bourbon, some Scotch and some beer. Octoberfest is just over and this is the perfect cocktail to enjoy fermented, brewed and distilled grains of all kinds. Crank some blues and celebrate!

How to make the Hooker Cocktail


1/2 oz (15 ml) egg white

1 oz ( 30 ml) Bourbon Whiskey

1/2 oz (15 ml) Averna Amaro

1/4 oz (8 ml) peaty Scotch Whisky

3 dashes The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters or Bokers Bitters

2 dashes The Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters

3/4 oz ( 25 ml ) fresh orange juice

1/4 oz ( 8 ml) sugar syrup

Malty Belgian beer on top

Dry shake without ice and th beer. (Tip: remove the spring from a Hawthorne strainer and add it to your mixing tin before you dry shake. This will help to emulsify the ingredients and create a lot of body.) Then remove the spring and add ice, shake again to chill and dilute. Strain into cocktail glass. Top up wuíth the beer and stir gently.

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Delmonico Cocktail with Robert Hess

Named after the first restaurant opened in the United Sates of America, the Delmonico Cocktail is as tasty as the the famous steaks of the famous restaurant which went trough hard times. Opened in 1827 Delmonicos suffered through fire, the Noble Experiment in 1919 and quite a number of proprietors in it`s almost 200 years existence.

How to make the Delmonico Cocktail


1 oz (30 ml) dry gin

1/2 oz ( 15 ml) brandy or cognac

1/2 oz (15 ml) sweet vermouth

1/2 oz (15 ml) dry vermouth

1 dash The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters

Stir with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

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Good Spirts News Reviews of The Bitter Truth products

Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-24 um 10.52.40Blair Frodelius from Good Spirits News recently reviewed some of The Bitter Truth`s newer product releases, some of them not yet available in the USA.

The guys at The Bitter Truth are two of the busiest people in the spirits industry.  In just seven years, they have increased their product line to include not only several classic bitters styles, but also spirits, liqueurs and flower waters.  Every bottle feels just right, looks sharp and holds some amazing flavors.”

Thats quite a stunning intro as we think and we are very pleased and flattered at the same time. Following our motto “Quality counts” we continue to produce The Bitter Truth products by using only the best quality natural ingredients available and this is fully reflected once you taste one of our products. The traditional production process without any shortcuts garantees an unparalelled experience. Thanks for the appreciation, Blair!

You can read the reviews about The Bitter Truth`s Spirits and Liqueurs here and don`t miss out on Good Spirits News latest thoughts on our new types of bitters which you can read here.Read more

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