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Special Editions

Dried-fruit-bittersThe Bitter Truth – Dried Fruit Bitters

»The Bitter Truth – Dried Fruit Bitters« were created for the “World’s Most Expensive Cocktail”, the 27321, served at the Burj al-Arab Hotel’s Skyview Bar in Dubai. Costing $7450 – that’s almost $400 a sip – this cocktail combines 55-year-old Macallan single-malt natural-color whisky from a Lalique Decanter with homemade passion fruit sugar and a couple of dashes of the Dried Fruit Bitters. It’s served over ice cubes made of water from the Macallan distillery in Scotland in a Baccarat 18-carat gold glass and presented with a complimentary oak stirrer made from a Macallan cask.

Tasting Notes:
Exotic, rich and tasting of dried North African fruit.

These bitters are produced solely for the Burj al-Arab Hotel Dubai/UAE.

Repeal-bittersThe Bitter Truth – Repeal Day Bitters

»The Bitter Truth – Repeal Day Bitters« commemorated the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition in the United States of America. 500 bottles were made and were sold out in 2 weeks.

Tasting Notes:
A strong and aromatic blend of herbs and spices with a bitter kick to punctuate the bitter side of the “Noble Experiment”.

Mark your calendars for Repeal Day 2033, the 100th anniversary of Repeal Day for the next release of these bitters.

Berlin-Capital-BittersThe Bitter Truth – Berlin Capital Bitters

»The Bitter Truth – Berlin Capital Bitters« were created to honor the work of german Mixology Magazine, which had massiv impact on the growing bartending scene in our home country. Some years ago 2 passionate bartenders developed the idea to establish the BERLIN BAR CONVENT (BCB), which was immediately considered as the main cometogether for bartender, trade and spirit industry in central Europe.
In 2010 already in it`s 4th year, this event has seen visitors not only from Europe, but also some of the most recognized international speaker and guests from all around the globe. We are flattered to celebrate Bar Convent Berlin with our 500 bottles limited edition of Berlin Capital Bitters.

Tasting Notes:
Fruity, rich and silky. Offering notes of black cherries, warm spice and caramel.

These bitters were exclusivly produced for Bar Convent Berlin 2010.

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