NW Vivant had a chance to sample the Creole Bitters when The Bitter Truth was in Seattle recently and used them in an Old Fashioned with good results:

“I think that there is nothing more expressive of a spirit and a bitter than an Old-Fashioned.  So, for this my first outing with the Creole Bitters I whipped one up at home and opted for a lemon twist to get just a bit more zing.  It was in a word, lovely.  The spice perfectly complemented rye and played so well, nice and dry, no extraneous sweetness to get in the way.  The less sweet quality of the Creole Bitters really let me control how much sugar I introduced into my beverage, letting me really tailor this to my taste, and affording anyone the same level of control.”

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Photo Credit: NWVivant